Sourdough Starter Care Instructions

Purchased a sourdough starter from us? Here’s all the info you need to keep your starter in top shape.

Step One: Decant

You’ll be growing your starter so when ready, decant into a 500ml jar or bowl with a loose fit cover. Feed with 160g flour and 160ml water.

Step Two: Discard, Feed, Discard, Feed, Discard, Feed

Keep your sourdough for the first few days at room temperature, to build up it’s strength. Feed once a day for the first 3-4 days, discarding some as you go:

  • Day Two: Discard or use 320g of your starter. Then feed it with 160g of flour and 160g water.
  • Day Three: Your starter should bubble up by now. If it’s very lively discard 380g – if it’s not, then 360g should do it. Feed with 160g of flour and 160g water
  • Day Four: If your starter has been taking a bit longer to blossom, now’s the time to discard 380g and feed 160g flour/160ml water. If you discarded a larger quantity on Day Three, then discard 300g and feed 160g flour/160g water and move on to step three below.
  • Day Five: If you’ve worked with a slighty slower starter, now should be the time to discard 300g and feed with 160g flour/160g water.

Step Three: Sourdough Maintenance

After 4/5 days, your starter should be transferred to the fridge. Then, you can maintain it by discarding 300g once a week, followed by a feed of 160g flour/160ml water.

General Tips:

  • Always feed your starter with equal parts water/flour.
  • Once in the fridge, don’t forget to feed your starter once a week
  • If you want to use your starter, be sure to feed it 16 hours before use (or the night before).
  • Your starter will be ready and perfect to use when it floats on top of water.

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